paint workshop

Courses run from around 10.00am until 4pm with a break of approximately 30 minutes for a light lunch provided by First-View.
Unfortunately it is not possible for you to bring your own objects to paint as this introduces too many variables into the timings. We will provide sample squares for you to practice on and a wooden tray to take home, which you may paint in any of the finishes you will have learned.
Attendees must have attended one of our beginners course and will build on the skills learnt there.
Crack Glaze and Craquelure are two different methods of achieving a distressed crackle to the paint surface. Marbling with a feather can bring very convincing faux marble effects.

For the courses you will need:-  An apron or overall or clothes you don’t mind getting painty.  A paint brush 1½” is ideal  2” is good too. We will have brushes for sale. For the intermediate workshops other item may be required. We will let you know.